About Us

Buttercreme Bliss Cakes and Desserts is a home based bakery in Charlotte, NC.  It began with a family red velvet cake recipe that friends and family kept requesting over and over again.  As time went on other cakes and dessert items were added and through word of mouth and many satisfied customers our business has grown!


Owned and operated by Baker/Decorator, Harilyn Belvin, Buttercreme Bliss is guided by a few simple principles:

  1. From scratch is best - no box cake mixes will ever be used.

  2. Our cakes and desserts MUST be delicious.

  3. Everything should look as good as it tastes.

  4. If it doesn't look good AND taste good, it won't be served.

  5. Our customers deserve a great value for their money.

  6. All desserts are made with love and excellence.


It's a tremendous honor when people trust you to make and design their cakes and desserts.  We take that trust seriously and work hard to provide you with a fresh, delicious and beautiful product. Buttercreme Bliss is more than a business - it's a passion.  Come get a taste of bliss!

Strawberry Velvet Cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
Lovely Ladybug!
Strawberry Velvet Cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
Lovely Ladybug!
Thank you for the cupcakes they were AMAZING and everyone killed them!!"
"The cake was not only beautiful but it tasted great! Delicious as always!!"
"...everything was delicious. I ate 4 cupcakes just to confirm☆"
"When I say I have the BEST cake designer in the world I really mean it!! Thank you for making my bestie the cutest birthday cake!! And it's all rice krispies!!!"
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Buttercreme Bliss is NOT a nut free bakery.  All items are prepared on equipment that also processes nuts and may contain nuts or nut extracts.


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